Smart Meter Data Management System

Cascade is an innovative software platform that helps you save water. Cascade software allows users to measure quantitative and qualitative aspects of water and enables an integrated water resource management service.

Why Cascade?
  • Enables the continuous measurement of relevant parameters of water.
  • Allows you to monitor your water policies and usage while optimizing all water processes.
  • It also enables users to calculate and transform the parameters in economic terms.
  • Facilitates the true value calculation and monitoring of your savings.
  • The system allows one to control the flow of your data.
  • It is inclusive of essential information on the status of the IoT connection like battery status and signal strength.
  • Can be used by hydro-engineering bureaus, sensor manufacturers, and research institutes.
  • The software captures quantitative sensor data like level and flow as well as qualitative sensor data like temperature.


A glimpse into cascade’s sub-modules

Customer Account Management

This Cascade module assists in managing customer information from adding a new customer account, to editing account details to tracking and managing your customers information.

  • Adding a new customer account.
  • Tracking of an accounts details e.g. meter readings, water bills.
Objects Management

This Cascade module assists in managing all your objects information from sensors to meters. All this information is recorded and displayed on to the Cascade dashboard.

  • Adding of objects.
  • Opening and closing valves with the click of a button!
  • Managing and tracking of objects data that are represented on a graph.

This Cascade module is designed to ease your whole billing process, that too by the click of a button!

  • Generate billing reports.
  • Generate bills with user defined criteria like active accounts.


Bulk water abstraction billing** Environmental Reporting** Groundwater monitoring** Water optimization in landscaping, oil & gas and mining